The territory between Emilia-Romanga, Marche, Tuscany is rich of  historical and cultural sites. In the past it has been the land of the Malatesta, the Montefeltro, the della Rovere and the Medici families.
Splendid medieval boroughs and little towns, sleeping villages immerse in a green of their unreal tranquility. The sea is always nearby.
Traditionally it is a territory with extensive cultivations of olives and vineyards, that produce excellent olive oil and first- class wines.
And don’t forget the truffle white and black which together with several other mushrooms are the main ingredients in the regional culinary art of cooking.
The variation of the flowing hilly landscape with its fertile soil and the sight of the sometimes rough Apennines makes to this area very special and sometimes surreal.

We are pleased to work in this region where we can present interesting offers in several communities and localities.